Start Blazoring!

Blazor is a new framework from Microsoft that allows you to write rich web applications exclusively in .NET, without having to touch another line of Javascript ever again. Start Blazoring is a .NET Core 3 Server Side Blazor starter template that is designed to help your new application get off the ground with minimal effort.

Our product is designed to save you weeks and even months of development time. We have designed the code to be intuitive and easy to read. It is also fully customizable to your needs. We have partnered with Blazorise to provide a consistent and fast UI. By purchasing our template, you gain access to the full source code for life. Please see below for a full list of features.

Why use Blazor? If you are frustrated with the ever-changing landscape of Javascript development and the overall inadequacies of Javascript, then Blazor is for you. For the first time, .NET developers can write all their logic on the backend in an easy and streamlined manner.


Fully complete with user registration, login, account confirmation, password forgot, two-factor authentication, and more.

Comes with user management features, such as viewing a list of users, user impersonation, user lockout management, and more.

Comes with role configuration features, such as creating new roles, assigning roles by default, role-based authorization, zero-configuration policies, and more.

EF Core 3 is fully integrated into the application and is set up with Code-First in mind. Adding new pages, entities and tables is a breeze, thus allowing you to get off the ground fast.

The application is built upon Blazorise and it supports any themes that Blazorise supports. The website is using the Bootstrap theme.

Built in services will allow you to easily cache information, or make use of session or local storage.

Logging is fully integrated into the system and is fully customizable. In addition to traditional file logging, there is also an Azure Analytics hook that allows you to send your logs to Azure's powerful analysis system.

Run and schedule periodic background tasks that run independent of any user.

Built in email services (Smtp, SendGrid or MailGun) for effortless sending of email. We have also built an email templating framework, allowing you to write dynamic templates in Razor.

We have built a zero configuration localization engine that integrates into any new Blazor pages effortlessly. New translation files are automatically discovered and used without any code changes. The template also comes fully translated in a number of languages. We have also partnered with Soluling , a popular localization application.

Zero configuration api framework to allow for easily creating new api services to be used by the UI or external consumers.

In addition to being able to manage all users on the system, the admin user is also able to view a dashboard that shows various informations about the system.

A lot of the frameworks we have built (localization, email templates, background workers, policies, EF Core, api) are configured in such a way that you do not have to worry about configuring anything in order to use them. They just work using the magic of reflection and service discovery.

The application is very performant and starts up very fast compared to traditional Asp.NET Core applications. The UI is also very clean and free of clutter. Javascript and css are minimal and clean. There is no need for custom build scripts. We have also implemented a sleek responsive navigation panel.

The Template comes with all the source code and no DRM or licensing restrictions. Once purchased, the given version will be available for download forever. You may do as you wish with the code deploy it as many times as you like with no restrictions.

The code is fully documented, allowing you to understand how it works. We also have up-to-date documentation on this website.

Emailing all users

Email queuing system

Xamarin application template (integrated with Api and Authentication)

Social media logins

Payment system integration (Square, PayPal)

Language selection in Settings

Logging Dashboard in Administration section

HangFire integration for background workers

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