Creating a Page

If you have read through all the documentation pages, you should have a pretty good idea of what is involved with creating a new page. It could not be simpler:

  • Create a new PageName.razor file. You can place it under Pages\, or wherever you would like. If you place it in another location, be sure to modify _Imports.razor with the new namespace.
  • Derive your page from BasePage using @@inherits BasePage. Add the title of your page to the Title property.
  • Modify the @@page directive and set your navigation path.
  • Create a new localization resource in Resources\Pages\. Be sure to follow the same exact relative path, because otherwise your translations will not be discovered.
  • Inject any services that you need.
  • Use [Authorization] if this is not a public page.
  • If your page implements CRUD operations for a database table, create a new entity class and run the migration step as described under Entity Framework. Then simply implement your new page to display the data using Blazorise's DataTable. You can use the Users.razor page as an example.

Table of Contents

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