Project Structure

Below is an exhaustive list of files and folders from the solution, in logical order. The code itself has a lot of documentation, so please refer to that if you need more information on a particular class. The object of these documentation pages is to give you an overview of all major features and how to make use of them. If you need specifics as far as how something is implemented, please consult the code.

  • Program.cs As with any traditional .NET application, this is the entry point to your application. If it ever happens that your app mysteriously does not start anymore, place a breakpoint in the catch block of the Main function to see the error.
  • Startup.cs This is the main driver of your application's configuration. All services, providers and configurations are registered in this file. There are a lot of comments there explaining what is being configured.
  • appsettings.*.json These two files are your static configuration files for the system. Be sure to update your Production file before deploying your application to Azure. The entries in this file are mirrored in the classes from Internal\Data\Configurations.cs. If you ever modify the json files, be sure to also update the classes.
  • Pages\_Host.cshtml The root Razor page. Note that is is not Blazor. This references the App component. If you need to modify your html head metadata, you can do it here and it will apply to all the pages. You can also include your own css and javascript files.
  • App.razor The root Razor component. You may want to customize the <NotFound> contents for when the user navigates to an unrecognized route.
  • _Imports.razor A list of namespaces made available to all your Razor components. If you only use a class in one component, there is no need to put it here. Place it in the component only.
  • Shared\BasePage.cs The base class for all the Razor page components. When creating a new page, you should @derives from it. This will give you a consistent browser title across all pages.
  • Shared\MainLayout.razor The main component layout for your application. Unless you are radically changing the layout of the application, you should not modify this file.
  • Shared\HeadTitle.razor A component encapsulating the <title> tag in the html head section. This in conjunction with BasePage is what makes the browser title consistent across all the pages.
  • Shared\Toolbar.razor A component containing the top bar with the hamburger button and the user dropdown (when logged in). You can add more controls here as needed.
  • Shared\Navigation.razor A component that encapsulates the sidebar. When adding a new page and you want it to appear in the sidebar, you will have to update this file.
  • Shared\Footer.razor A component that encapsulates the footer.
  • Pages\Index.razor This is your landing home page. Modify it to your needs.
  • Pages\Account\*.razor All pages relating to account management. If there are any UI customizations you need to make to the pages, feel free to do so.
  • Pages\Administration\*.razor All pages relating to administration. If there are any UI customizations you need to make to the pages, feel free to do so.
  • Internal\* This is the location for all internal services. Unless you have a good reason to do so, please do not modify these classes, as they contain the core logic for the application.
  • Internal\Data\ApplicationDbContext.cs This is your DbContext class. Add any new entities you create as part of your application in here.
  • Internal\Data\Configurations.cs These classes represent the static configuration for your application. They mirror the structure in the appsettings.*.json files. If you make a change to the json configuration, be sure to update the classes.
  • Internal\Data\Migrations Please do not touch this folder, as it container auto-generated code. More on that in the Entity Framework Core section.
  • Components\*.razor These are your Blazor components. There are a few in there being used by the system, but feel free to add your own.
  • Components\Models\*.cs These classes are the models used by the Blazor components.
  • Api\Clients\ Define all your http client interfaces here. More on that later.
  • Api\Controllers\ Put any new controllers for your Api here. More on that later.
  • Api\Dto\ Your data transfer objects that your controller methods return go here.
  • wwwroot\ This contains all of the css and javascript resources. While you may have to adjust the css to meet your UI needs, you will likely never have to deal with the javascript. Blazor has a growing open source community. If there is a component you need to include, there is most likely one out there already.

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