Because you are receiving our full source code to do with as you please, the upgrade process may not be as straightforward as with pre-packaged libraries, especially if you make a lot of edits to the original files. If you never touch the original files, upgrading should be a breeze!

Regardless, we have two methods to ensure that the upgrade process is as seamless as possible. First, we will keep a very detailed change log for each of the files. Each future release after the first one will come with a Changelog.txt file listing every single change. Two, for large breaking changes, we will simply follow Microsoft's example and write a new version of the class in question. For example, if we ever decide to write a new and improved Email service, we will not modify FluentEmailService, but simply create a new class, which you can then choose to register or keep using the old one you modified.

And remember, if you have purchased Start Blazoring, any future versions will always be 50% off.

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